What would happen if we did not stand in our own way?

Quote worst enemy

Life. How does one live life? And why in that manner? How does one know how to live life? How to live a life one loves to live? And why like that? Do we ever (really) know? Do we ever (really) think about that? Do we ever genuinely wonder? Or are we often just ‘doing’ without ‘thinking’? Do we prefer not to think and wonder about the ‘why’ and ‘how’? And instead to rather comfort ourselves with (material) things, (other) people and (irrelevant) experiences? Because that is what makes us ‘feel good’, right? Continue reading

Why is it ‘normal’ that managers aren’t annually reviewed by their employees?

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Interests. It always comes down to interests. Hopefully shared interests. But often it’s just about our own interest, isn’t it? Is something favorable or not? Does something benefit us or not? What do we do? Which decision do we make? And what do we do when something doesn’t directly benefit us as individuals, but when it does benefit the shared interests? Continue reading

What do we have without our own integrity?

Quote on integrity and identity

From time to time I am just shocked. I am shocked when I see human behavior that implies a loss or lack of integrity. For example, when people are lying, cheating, stealing and/or gossipping about other people. Do you know someone who behaves like this? Unfortunately, I do. I know a lot of people who behave like this. And every time I experience this behavior, for a moment it makes me a little sad. Because often people aren’t doing very well in life when they show us this kind of behavior. Something lies beneath this negative behavior. And in most cases people don’t even realize it themselves. Or they’re just busy ignoring the truth about…themselves… Continue reading